Our journey as an Online Indian Grocery Store

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The Epic Timeline.

Over the year we've gone through a life changing journey, and we felt it was essential that our journey as an online grocery store was shared with you. Thank you for supporting us and helping us go this far!



For those who have lived in India, you would have heard of Grofers & Big Basket. We always wished there was something like this in Australia. So we started our journey by securing a warehouse  in Deer Park (Ravenhall), renovating it and made it a place we loved!

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With over 10 000 authentic Indian products available in the wholesale market, we had to evaluate all the products and order accordingly. With a goal of wanting to be the Amazon of all Indian Grocery Stores, we wanted to ensure that the products we housed catered to as many Indian states and communities as possible.

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With over 4000 products uploaded till date, this was the most time consuming job. We’ve been very careful with the images we’re uploading, page size, product display etc.

A close image of Tales Of India team Member Godwin Thomas uploading content to the website


Before our product was ready, we started receiving overwhelming response due to Covid 19 situation. We met all types of people –  panic buyers, techsavvy shoppers, value buyers, old “restrained” folks. We worked crazy hours just trying to deliver orders from an uncompleted website project. Inventory management system became our high priority.

An image of Online Orders being picked and packed


With the Covid attack and customers shopping directly from our warehouse, inventory became a priority. Softwares were changed, products uploaded to our site were modified and over 4000 varieties (20,000 products) were pain stickenly  counted. We did all of this while continuing to deliver and managing our customer service

An image of Tales Of India team member doing a stock count


The lockdown was over, our customers were no longer working from home. We had to make their shopping experience better by giving them the control over receiving their delivery. We introduced our delivery scheduler allowing customers in Melbourne to pick the date and time they wanted their order. As a team we also worked on making products easily accessible by coding multiple product names. So if you typed Red Chilli or Red Chilly or Lal Mirch – the site will know what you’re after!

A Tales Of India delivery driver picking an order to deliver


It was time we found our space in the social sphere. We created a presence on the key social spheres i.e. Insta & Facey. Our aim is to reach out to our existing and new customers through a “fun” platform where you can see our personality and know we’re a cool bunch of people to associate with 🙂

An Image Of Tales Of India Team Member having fun with Indian Grocery Products

APRIL - MAY 2021

In the last month, our site SEO has significantly increased and in such a short timespan we’ve taken over most of our competitors. Today our SEO position is the second strongest, however if we continue to work hard things will change 😉

An image of Tales Of India using a forklift to relocate products

It was important that we shared our journey with you and we wanted you to know that we don’t aim to stop here. There are so many things to improve on, and make your shopping experience better. Thank you for supporting us and helping us go this far!

Have a feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Simply comment in the box below on anything you’d want us to look into. Or feel free to just shout out a “hello”.  We love talking to you and it helps us to grow.

Till we meet again, thank you for you time and stay safe!

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