Will Corona Virus in India impact exports?

The feature image of Will India's lockdown impact our supplies?

Will there be a shortage of Indian Groceries?

In short, yes to a certain extent! Retailers are expecting certain products will be impacted. However, the shortfall will be experienced approximately six months from now. Tales Of India went the mile to question some of the bigger suppliers in Australia. Here's what the had to say.
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“Definitely, there is no doubt about that.”-
Ahmed (Freshco Foods).
According to Freshco Foods, licensed suppliers for brands like Ahmed, Uttam, Shana & Freshco, the impact will be felt a few months from now when the current supplies in Australian Warehouses will be over. The lockdown in India in March last year affected the market by a whole year. So be it a small 10 days lockdown or a longer lockdown, there will be a ripple effect.
“Not as much as the last lockdown.”
–  Deep Foods (Chetak).
Sole suppliers for Deep foods say that the impact will not be as bad as what we all went through last year. However, they are expecting some effect in July – August.
Deep foods logo
A close up image of Chetak Melbourne Warehouse
A close up image of Taj Indian Foods Warehouse in Sunshine
“Not at all”-
Haldiram Delhi (Taj Indian Foods).
When we spoke to a key member from the sole exporters for Haldiram Delhi, we were told that there will be no impact in the supplies. The production in India is not affected and there is too much for overstocking in Australia. In fact, the company had too much of stock that they had to cut down on the order for the next container.
“Factory productions have been affected.”
–  Ammaas (Bharathma).
There are many people in South India scared to leave their homes and work. With the state lockdown and restrictions, the production levels in India have been impacted. Bringing stock over to Australia has become difficult.
chitti muthyalu 5kg ammaas
A close image of Sabrini Foods Warehouse
“Don’t think so at the moment”-
Shan, Sabrini & Pattu (Sabrini Foods).
While the response from Sabrini Food’s Sales rep was broad, it indicated that they’re not feeling the impact. Sabrini Foods is the sole licensed supplier for big brands like Shan, Chings, Sabrini, Vadilal and Pattu. A statement like “Don’t think so” can be taken as they have enough stock to supply in the market.
“Stock is being received with delays”
–  India Gate Rice (SSM International).
According to licensed supplier for India Gate, the production in India has been affected with the stock being received with delays and the quantity received is less than what was initially ordered. While they have enough stock in their warehouse at the moment, the quantities coming through is limited and there will be a ripple effect in the months to come.
India Gate
India Gate Classic

Will India’s lockdown impact supplies in Australia?

In summary, most of the big and small retailers we spoke to, indicated that there will be an impact. It may not be a big impact, especially since there is TOO MUCH of supplies available in the Australian Market, however certain products and brands will get impacted. While there is definitely no need for panic buying, keep in mind that in the next couple of months, you may not get everything you like in the brand you’re after. If you have a specific dietary requirement it is better to keep just a bit of extra supply to be safe!

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