Which is the best Ayurvedic Brand in India?

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Which is the best Ayurvedic Brand in India?
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SriSri Tattva
With a 360 degree approach to health, including a College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Sri Sri Tattva is an established Ayurvedic Brand in India. The company today houses over a noteworthy 350 safe, effective, healthy, ayurvedic products that help people like you and me to revert to a naturally glowing lifestyle.


Sri Sri Tattva has a goal of promoting health and wellness in every household. The brand emphasises on healthy, ayurvedic products and carries a vast range of ayurvedic supplements, organic food products and herbal ayuveda medicines.

Which is the best Ayurvedic brand in India? While we would not award just one brand the “best title” as there are quite a few established ayurvedic brands that are effective, we would strongly endorse Sri Sri Tattva ayurvedic products based on the quality and customer reviews.


Sri Sri Tattva’s frontrunner products which Tales Of India now proudly carries are all organic certified. Products like Ojasvita (Health Drink) and Sudanta (Herbal toothpaste) are immensely popular and are part of their continued endeavor to present high quality healthy and wholesome results.

Sri Sri Tattva has developed strong multi dimensional capabilities across the Ayurveda value chain making it a leader in service excellence in the field. The world at large is turning back to traditional and natural systems of wellness and is beginning to rediscover the benefits of Ayurveda in day to day life.


Sri Sri Tattva herbs are from their own certified organic farms, free of any harmful chemicals, and processed with state-of-the-art methods and facilities that promote environmental sustainability.

The Science of Ayurveda emphasizes the concept of purity throughout the full process; in addition to certifying their manufacturing process with the highest standards of quality control, their full team even meditates twice a day, ensuring their affordable premium products are packed with positivity and love. How cool is that? So if you next time ask “Which is the best Ayurvedic brand in India?” – you should consider Sri Sri Tattva.

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