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What’s Up, You Ask?

An image of Tales Of India Staff uploading new varieties to the warehouse
Work’s been
Super Hectic lately.
We owe you an update! Things have been crazy busy and we’ve been working on a roller coaster integrating new features, facing new challenges, increasing our product range and most importantly improving ourselves. We still have a long long way to go!

We wanted to take some time to let you know some of the key “behind the scene” milestones we achieved in the last few months. 

A close up image of Sarah Zeeshan and Sruthi Ganda pushing a new Freezer at Tales Of India
A close up image of Indya Foods Delivery Driver unloading new varieties at Tales Of India
It was an honour
to be approached by…
The logo of ICC T20 World Cup

ICC World Cup T20

We worked with the ICC World Cup Australia to spread the joy of Diwali. The time is not far when we’ll help you score a free pass to watch the game!

Victoria Police

Victoria State Government (Women's Prison)

Things have gotten serious and we’ve had to take law into our own hands. Our team now proudly picks & packs orders for one of the Prisons in Victoria.

Business Development


We've set ourselves some high goals. Our aim is to be the most sought after Indian Grocery Store (Instore Or Online). Here is a list of milestones we've been able to strike-off our bucket list.


Our site is now backed up with Azure (Microsoft) Servers with the content on the site further optimised. This helps double ensure that our site is secure and loads twice as fast as it used to.



If you compare our product range from mid October 2021 to today (mid November 2021), you’d notice that our range has once again doubled. The spread is evenly distributed to add more utensils, new snack brands, exclusive “hard to find” items and health Ayurvedic range.



With the ranges increasing, we’ve had to buy 12 new shelves & 7 new freezers. From the heads of the department to the drivers, at one point, all of us were just inspecting and loading new stock. What fun!



Our Smart Search tool went through a second round of upgrade. The products were optimised with more tags based on different spellings and also Hindi language.



As the number of orders grow, we incur new challenges. While our team is on capacity we have tweaked our processes over a thousand times to increase efficiency. Be it picking & packing, notifying our customers, reordering stock or delivering.



We added another 7 suburbs to our list. Our delivery logistics have expanded to accommodate Parkdale, Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs. We now deliver to a whooping 483 suburbs in Victoria.

The above is just a small update from us to let you know that we’re constantly on the move. We have a whole bucket list to go through and the aim is to spice up your life, introduce discounts, coupons, freebies, new varieties and lots more.

Being solely an eCommerce business, we have to continuously be on top of technology too such as site loading, new browser updates, servers going down, mobile apps and the list goes on. Feel free to visit a previous blog post “Our journey as an online Indian Store” to go through our previous updates.

We thank you all for your support and helping us get this far. We hope to exceed your expectations one day and keep serving you for a very long time. If you have any feedback at all, please let us know at You are all that keeps us going!

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