Indian Grocery Store Delivery Options (Amul)

Indian Grocery Store

Delivery via Australia Post.

We help pack and post your goods. Third party postage fees will be advised and passed on.

Oops! We currently do not personally deliver to your suburb, however our friend’s Australia Post does! Simply order and pay for your items online. We help process and post your order. Any third party fees will be advised to you over the phone or via email. Additional fees will apply.

Why Tales Of India – Indian Grocery Store?

With all the hassle and bassle in our current lifestyle, many of us would love to spend some quality time with our family and friends. At Tales Of India, we realise that seeking a reliable and convenient solution to buy value-added delights is crucial in the current times.

Tales Of India specialises in Indian Groceries. We take pride in selling high quality products and house all of the big brands that are known in the Indian community. Our products are pure and come with a good expiry date. Furthermore, we take the time in packing your goods so that they come to you in perfect shape.

About Us:

We are a young team, with the vision to be the most sought after store for Indian products and groceries in Australia. We are currently based in Melbourne but do not intend to stop there.