We value our customers and want to me sure that you shop with confidence knowing we are there to help.

Change of mind – Before receiving delivery

You can cancel or modify your entire order anytime before it’s been picked n packed for delivery. To cancel, please contact us directly on 03 8382 2900 or email us on info@talesofindia.com.au with your order number.

Change of mind – After receiving delivery

Received a product but don’t want it anymore? Not a problem. Simply return the product to our warehouse within 10 days of receiving it to get a full credit back on the items returned. This can be returned to us in person at our Ravenhall warehouse (i.e. Factory 4A, 51-53 Westwood Drive, Ravenhall, Victoria 3023), alternatively you can post it back to us on the same address. Upon receiving the items, our team will process a credit and notify you.

We have your back covered!

We ensure we double check all our orders before delivering it to our customers. This is to make sure we’ve packed every item on your list and they come with a good best before date. Our frozen and refrigerated goods are delivered to you in iceboxes to ensure that they are delivered in their optimum temperatures. Our drivers offer to check all the products with you on delivery. This is to make sure you’re happy with us!

Returning perishable goods – fresh, refrigerated or frozen

Certain goods need to kept in special conditions to ensure we’re not compromising with their quality. This mainly cover fresh goods such as bakery made, refrigerated dairy products or any products required to be frozen. We request that you return these back with the driver itself if you’ve changed your mind on perishable goods. For food safety purposes we would not be able to take back the product afterwards.

Cost for returning the product

To avoid the hassle of returning a product to us, we highly recommend you give this back to the driver at the time of delivery. However, if you change you mind at a later stage, you have up to 10 days, from the time it’s delivered, to deliver them back to us. Any extra cost incurred while returning the product will be borne by the customer. However, in cases where it’s a faulty product we are there to help. Simply contact our team at 03 8382 2900 and we will assist we organizing a return at no extra cost.

We abide the Australian Consumer Law

Last but not least, we want to assure you that our team keeps best practices in mind and abides the Australian Consumer Law for all matters. Here is the link to the Australian Consumer Law’s website for your convenience.

Contact Us

We request that you have your order number handy when you contact us. This helps us work efficiently and give you the best customer experience.

You can contact us through the following channels:

Telephone or Whatsapp: +61 (03) 8382 2900
Email: info@talesofindia.com.au
Visit our Warehouse: Factory 4A, 51-53 Westwood Drive, Ravenhall, Victoria 3023, Melbourne