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Happy Diwali from all the folks at Tales of India!

Diwali, the Hindu New Year is around the corner and this time, we want to thank you for bringing light to our lives as we are grateful for each one of you!



Here is to all those who prefer online shopping more than retail shopping.

To the ones who always forget to get something off their grocery list or the ones who live in the suburbs but want to eat the food that is available all over Melbourne.

This is to the children who are ordering on behalf of their parents but also to the mothers who are exploring the world of technology.

To the husband that is helping her wife with her kitchen utilities and the young students who are too busy to step out.

In all, the people who love Indian food and can not get enough of it.

To the ones who are still reading this, you, yes you, you are important to us.


As some of you may know, we at Tales of India were a brick and mortar store. We switched to the online platform to help people get their Indian food fix amidst the lockdown.

Going into this business structure was a risky decision for us because back then we had no idea what the world of the internet beheld. We did not know to interact with our customers without exchanging a warm smile during every purchase they made. All we knew was that we wanted each tummy owner to get their daily food supplies, with or without leaving their house, at their doorsteps.

But today, we stand here, confident in our online grocery store more than our physical one all because of your love!

Tales of India is falling and rising, nonetheless, is still proudly navigating its way through this pandemic driven life. We want to take this time to thank each one of you who patiently cooperated with us and are in fact, still cooperating with us, through our rocky journey.

Your consecutive orders with us and faith in our work for your monthly grocery needs is what keeps us motivated to constantly improve. We vow to work on everything you wish us to be and strive to be a better version of ourselves every single day.

A hearty thanks to all of you for supporting us every step of the way. This young team of Indians in Australia could not have asked for a better family to grow alongside with. We hope you continue to choose us for all things Indian in Melbourne and support us like you have up till this point.

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2 thoughts on “Our Tale of Gratitude

  1. Akshay Mutha says:

    Awesome service so far. I always get a message when the delivery is packed and dispatched notifying me of their expected delivery time. Mostly all the items are available, delivered in best possible way and are checked for their expiry date (one of the biggest issues in online grocery shopping). Any disputes are handled promptly and judiciously.

    You guys are amazing!

    1. Mahak N says:

      Thank You so much Akshay, we are glad to know that you have liked our service so far, we hope to only serve you better in your future interactions with us 🙂

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