Indian Dishes to try during Melbourne rains!

indian dishes to have during rains

As we all know, Melbourne hardly follows the concept of seasons and in fact goes through four different weathers in a day! But this week seems to be a mix of summers and monsoons, two weathers that dominate in India. Which is why when it comes to rains, India has a huge variety of Indian dishes that can be relished to their core especially during the rains.

Indians dishes to enjoy rains

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Onion Pakoras or often called as “Kanda Bhajiyas” are hot and piping fritters made with Onions and gramflour. They make for a common street food item particularly popular in Maharashtra and are usually enjoyed with a good cup of Adrak Chai (Tea). Frying these can be difficult as the hot oil usually splashes on our skin but the taste of these pakodas often makes the journey of cooking them worth it!

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Batata Vada is basically a vegetarian patty made of potatoes, turmeric, salt and chillies. This dish is the most popular street food item of Mumbai, the famous metropolitan city in India and is often enjoyed with a Pav or bread.

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Butter chicken is renowned world wide and momos is renowned in Delhi, what happens when both of these come together? A celebration of flavours. For those who do not know what Momos are, Momos are Tibetan dumplings. India has taken this simple dish and turned it around by experimenting with it in great ways, from cottage cheese momos to butter chicken momos, one thing is sure, you are going to become a fan of them in one bite.

These lip-smacking dumplings will take you back to the streets of Delhi, missing your white momo sauce and leave you wanting more, so what are you waiting for? Try these out now!

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Sabudana Tikki or patty made out of tapioca seeds is an item that is usually made when the people in India are fasting, but in all honesty, although this is a fast-food item (see what I did there?), it is mostly enjoyed with a green chutney during heavy downpours, irrespective of it being during an upwas period or not.

These patties are made with a combination of potatoes, green chillies and sabu dana (tapioca seeds), assuring a memorable burst of flavor and texture, both, in your mouth!

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For all meat lovers out there, Tandoori is a word that can make them salivate no matter where they are. The word tandoori derives from Tandoor which means clay oven and is used to describe meat that is cooked in a clay oven. Tandoori food essentially has the smokey flavour that elevates the taste of meat and in India it is hugely loved.

Tandoori Tikka is smokey chicken, it is a great Indian dish to have along with your rum or whiskey and coke and helps put you in the right mood during rains.

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These are some of the most cherished Indian dishes that can make your rains less gloomy and can leave you wanting for more! We strongly recommend pairing these Indian dishes with Chai and Mint Chutney to go through a culinary journey like never before!

Let us know if these Indian dishes helped you get the most out of the Melbourne rains in the comments below as we would love to know if our recipes are helping you!

Till then, Adios!

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2 thoughts on “Indian Dishes to try during Melbourne rains!

  1. Monika says:

    Enjoyed reading this ! Ofc none of these is new to me thanks for my Indian heritage and irreplaceable love for Indian food ? but this story and the list surely brought forward my beautiful childhood rainy day evening memories ?

    1. Mahak N says:

      Hello Monika,

      What a lovely comment! I could not be more glad that my post helped you take a trip down the memory lane 🙂 We hope to give you more reasons for happiness in the future; Thank you for reading and shopping at Tales of India!

      Happy New Year to you.


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