Benefits of being a Vegetarian

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Amongst Indians, 81% limit meat in their diet, 39% call themselves vegetarians.
As a vegetarian, we are very used to getting bombarded with questions from our fellow meat eaters. “But from where do you get Protein?” ” You are depriving your body from so many essential nutrients?” “Don’t you feel starved all day without eating “Real” food?” “Wait, So you don’t eat meat at all?”
No, we don’t eat meat by choice and we love the way we are!
While the topic of why are we vegetarians and the benefits of being a vegetarian is contextually very rich, we will try to cover a number of aspects in this article.

There are so many reasons for being a Vegetarian. Some people choose it for health reasons, some due to Religious beliefs. Some choose it for the concerns of environment and animal welfare, while some simply find vegetables tastier than meat! Being a vegetarian is by choice, and for whatever reason people are Vegetarians, there are so many benefits of it when followed correctly!

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet – Albert Einstein 


A Vegetarian diet is good for the heart and it is said that a vegetarian is one-third less likely to have heart diseases. A Vegetarian diet reduces the cholesterol level and slims the chances of a heart-attack. For a good heart health, the diet should be rich in high-fiber grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Studies show that a Vegetarian diet reduces the chances of cancer in general. A  proper Vegetarian diet not only prevents Type 2 Diabetes but also helps treating it. The idea is to choose food that helps in keeping blood sugar level stable.

Research has shown that people who do not consume meat have lower blood pressure as compared to those who eat meat. Plant based foods have less sodium, fat and cholesterol which overall have positive effect on blood pressure. With so many benefits, it’s great to be a Vegetarian!    


Eww… It’s so boring! This is usually what Non-Vegetarians think about Vegetarian diet. But this is not the case. Actually the Vegetarian diet is so versatile that one can never get bored of it. You can enjoy most of your favorite recipes by simply swapping the ingredients. You can eat biryani, pizza, burger, or even dessert by choosing the right ingredients.  Be Creative and there is no end to the list.


Many people choose to be vegetarians due to humanity and caring for the environment. The satisfaction of not killing a cute baby calf, or a happy chicken makes their day.

Sadly the demand of meat has now risen beyond the nature’s reproduction cycle and now baby farm animals are injected with hormones to speed up the production of meat.

Being vegetarian also helps slow down the process of desertification. A land farmed for vegetables can be used six times more than a land farmed for animals.


Meat is not the only source of protein and iron. You can fulfill your protein and iron requirements while staying meat-free. You can replace meat with Seitan, Tofu, Lentils, Soya, Beans, Green Veggies and many of the other options.

Omega-3 is an important nutrient for your body. You can get Omega-3 from Flex seeds, Chia Seeds or Walnuts. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of iron. All in all, a well-planned Vegetarian diet helps you get all the nutrients your body needs.

 We hope that this article helps you answer all the questions people ask you for being Vegetarian. Go Vegetarian!

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  1. Jayesh Pawra says:

    Amazing article! True, Einstein became vegetarian towards his later stages of life! Coming from India, I have never found many issues staying vegetarian, and anyone who has visited the country would agree with the amount of tasty choices of vegetarian items means less interest towards non-veg diet.

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