8 Indian snacks that every person in the world needs to try

indian snacks

Indian food is quite renowned in the world but what the world is actually missing out on are the Indian snacks! Packed with Indian spices and nostalgia, Indian snacks and munchies are unique and unbeatable in taste. Since India is a land of several ethnicities and cuisines, the snacks of India depict a vast palate of flavours, so allow us to take you through some of the most iconic munchies of India, we assure you after trying all of these, the melanin content in your body will shoot right up!

Nestle Maggi

If you ever want to pick a fight or irritate a brown person, just tell them you do not like their Maggi, it will be more than enough to awaken the angry beast in them. Maggi is a pack of noodles that comes with a sachet of spicy Indian powdered mix. Japan might have won the world by their ramen but trust us when we say we have aced the noodle game. We take our Maggi very seriously and no two people in India will ever have the same recipe for Maggi. Making a good bowl of Maggi is a skill one acquires one try at a time, start from the basic water and Maggi Masala and then slowly work your way up by adding butter, cheese or veggies to it. The best thing about Maggi is that it is super flexible, it can be your 2 am craving or your 1 pm wholesome Lunch, so to find the chef in you, do not underestimate this one!

India’s Magic Masala Lays

Magic Masala Lays

Magic Masala Lays has been India’s favourite pack of chips from time immemorable. New variants may come and go but the classic “Blue Lays” is forever. To give you an idea of the taste, these chips contain red chilli, coriander, garlic, tomato and many other spices, it is packed with flavour and is usually enjoyed with a can of Thums up on a sunny day. (Wondering what Thums up is? Continue reading to find out!)

Parle Agro’s Frooti

Parle Agro’s Frooti is a juicy, Mango based drink that we started consuming as kids but forgot to eradicate from our diet. A lot of other brands in India tried to beat this Mango drink by coming up with their versions, like Maaza, Minute Maid, Tropicana, etc. but none came close. We won’t tell you much about it and will let the juice speak for itself. Go get yourself a Frooti in this fun trial size and join the Frooti fandom!

Parle Agro’s HideNSeek

If you are a chocolate lover, there is a high chance you are going to like this pack of cookies. Filled with chocolate chips in the middle, these are small delights that are hard to get enough of in one piece. If we have not convinced you enough to try these, try YouTubing “Hrithik HideNSeek” and watch India’s hottest male celebrity do our job 😉

Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia

For all those who have never heard of the term “Bhujia” or seen anything like the picture next to this text, put on your seat belts because we are not just introducing you to a snack but a whole new category of snacks and your life is about to change for better. Bhujia is a snack that comes under the category pf snacks called “Namkeen”, Namkeens are savoury Indian snacks that are used as accompaniments with food or can be enjoyed without any side dish as well. They are also called as ‘mixtures’ and are usually made with rice flour or chickpea flour puffs or sticks mixed with dried fruits and spices. Haldiram’s is the most popular brand in this category and Aloo Bhujia is their most loved offering. Aloo Bhujia contain thin and spicy fried potato sticks. If you want to try something super Indian, this should be your go-to snack.

Fatafat Candy

Now that we have covered the big ones, lets introduce you to some mini treats! In actuality, Fatafat Candy is an ayurvedic fatafat candydigestive ball, however, its taste is so addictive that it quickly took the crowd by a storm in India. It is quite difficult to put the taste of a Fatafat candy into words, but to sum up, it takes your tastebuds through a roller coaster ride wherein sometimes the ride is sweet the other times it is sour, but all through, it is worth it.

Thums up

How many times have you sat down to compare the taste between Coca Cola and Pepsi? Well, after having Thums Up you are going to find yourself asking more of such questions. This drink tastes similar to those two but is very dear and unique to us. Only true Thums up fans can differentiate the between the three, get yourself a Thums up to level up in this ongoing battle of which drink is the best.


Hajmola is a sour candy which again, aids in digestion, guess one can not have an Indian curry without popping a digestiveHajmola Pudina 120 tablets pill every once in a while, eh? Which is why we Indians make our digestive pills taste good. Hajmola comes in multiple flavours, all of them showcasing a new side of brown food, our favourite is the Pudina (Mint) one but you could be experimentative and try the other ones as well. Let us know which one you end up liking!

We hope our starter pack of the Indian food community has been fruitful and has covered your favourite snacks or helped you find your next favourite munchie!

Let us know if you found this article helpful or if we missed out on anything you wished we had covered, because we would hate not being your go-to helper for all things Indian!

Stay tuned to hear more Tales of India ?

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