5 Summer Essentials that you need to stock up on right now!

Melbourne’s Summers have just begun, but their effects on our skin and hair have already started impacting our personal wellbeing. In such hot and humid times, there are several Indian solutions that are helping us beat the heat, and we would love to share our summer essentials with you!

The high temperatures can have severe effects on our skin, from making it dry and patchy, to making our faces either flushed & red or dark & tanned, and as fun as tanning is, we all know how awkward it is when only some parts of our body get tanned!

The soaring sun can also make your hair brittle and cause it to lose all the nourishment it has achieved so far, making your scalp dry!

But don’t worry, we got your back, summer demands more care from your end and this blog will tell you exactly how to give your body the care it deserves!



Himalaya is one of the most trusted natural and herbal beauty and skincare products selling company in India, and it provides a wide range of facewashes that cater specific solutions and the Himalaya facewash that you need to invest in right now, is the Oil Clear Lemon Facewash!

This is the perfect facewash to rejuvenate your skin with after coming back home from a long day of work as it helps your skin get rid of all the pollutants and oil it accumulates throughout the day. We trust this product deeply, so if you trust is, we would definitely recommend you to get yourself an Oil Clear facewash.


VLCC is one brand that has become a household name in India due to their effective skin care products at an affordable price, and one of our favourite offerings of theirs is the Anti-Tan Kit. This is a must need in summers as it helps you prevent the unwanted and uneven tanning that the heat brings with itself. This kit consists of a facial scrub, a de-tanning cream, a powder and a de-tanning gel and ensures that your skin tone remains even! To get the most out of this product, we strongly recommend using a toner before applying the de-tanning cream!


Do we even need to convince you why this is a summer essential? Multani Mitti and Cucumber is one combo that can never go amiss. Both of these ingredients are great cooling agents and help in calming the skin from all the irritation it bears due to the sun. For those who do not know what Multani Mitti is, it is basically the sand or mitti from Multan, the closest substitute for Multani Mitti would be a clay mask. Deewal’s Multani Mitti + Cucumber Face Mask provides you the best of both worlds as Mutani Mitti helps in getting rid of the redness and cucumber leaves your skin with a cooling effect.

I personally enjoy this product by applying it while reading a book and lighting a candle by my side as this is indeed the best way to indulge in self-pampering!




Parachute’s coconut oil is one of the most trusted hair oils in India with a lot of spurious brands trying to snatch Parachute’s market share by coming up with similar offerings but nothing comes close to the nourishment and nutrients that Parachute’s Hair Oil provides. A good “champi” or “maalish” or massage with this oil can relieve you of all of the stress in the world and cure your hair from the damage it goes through every single day in the sun! Coconut Hair oil helps to re-energise and boost your hair and leaves it with a shining effect, and the best part is that since this comes in various sizes, you are free to experiment in before you turn into a loyal customer of theirs!

Need we tell you more of why this one made it to our list of summer essentials?


Since I spent so much time talking about how the summer season ruins our days, I thought the least I could do was end it on a positive note by talking about the best part of summers!

One thing that I absolutely love about summer is that we are free to wear whatever we want to wear and can effortlessly flaunt our bodies without having the urge or need to layer up with jackets and coats! Which is why I can not fathom my summer without Sleek’s wax. Sleek’s wax allows me to slip into the painful yet effective process of waxing in the ease of my house and leaves me with a smooth and soft skin that I could not be more grateful for!

That is it for now folks! These are my 5 products that I can not imagine my summer without, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to widen this list!

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