5 common eating habits that are practiced only in India

Every country has some eating habits that are unique to them. Be it China’s habit of using chopsticks instead of spoons and forks or Australia’s culture of enjoying a barbie with friends in the backyard. Today I am going to list down some eating habits that I have only observed in the Indian culture, are you ready to join me in this discovery?

Interesting Indian Eating habits:

ghee make for eating habits

  1. Using Ghee instead of Oil

Ghee might not be a common term used in the world but in India it is a very common element that is used not only for making food, but in fact is used for hair care as well. Ghee has a reputation of being fattening but you may be pleasantly surprised to know that it actually helps in weight loss.
2. Eating in a Thali
Thali, a plate with rice, breads, curries, sides, and pickles. That might sound a lot but we assure you it is just enough to fill you up with nutrients and proteins for the day. In the Indian cuisine, having more than one curry along with some accompaniments is a common exercise.

The best part about thalis is that they fill you up for a long time, and it is definitely popularized because Indian moms love feeding their children with hearty meals. As somebody who is 22 and living independently in Melbourne and only cooking one curry with my rotis for a meal, I can easily say I miss being pampered by my mother and having a full thali every day.

3. Using bare hands to eat.
Eating with bare hands is perhaps the most common practice in India amongst everything that is on the list. I know it can seem weird and unhealthy to those who have not practiced this before but the act of eating with hands has a prerequisite, which is washing your hands and eating your meal with clean fingers.

Eating with hands is expected to activate all 5 senses in Ayurveda which is why it is hugely popular. I mean, can you deny that Pizzas and Burgers are more satisfying when eaten with hands and not a pair of folk and knife?

4. Sitting on the floor and eating:
In several sub-cultures of India, sitting on the floor and eating is a common practice, members of a family often come together and enjoy their meals by sitting down together, especially in sacred places like gurudwaras wherein langar is served every day.

Sitting down is proven to be more healthy than consuming meals on a chair, as it helps in the digestion of the food. It is said that sitting down tucks your stomach in and chest out and causes the neck movement for every bite of the meal, which is a helpful exercise as opposed to sitting on a chair which hampers your blood circulation.

5. Using a Pressure Cooker to cook:
This is less of a eating habit and more of a cooking habit but no Indian household is complete without a pressure cooker. Pressure Cooker is like that one magic kitchen appliance that makes everything possible.

From cooking classic and basic curries like dals to baking cakes, this utensil is life changing and we mean it. If you ever want to know how important it is, ask any Indian International student what is the one utensil that they carried with them from India and they would say it is Pressure Cooker.

That is all from my end, readers. Hope you enjoyed this article!

If there are any interesting observations that you have noticed about the Indian culture or any other culture, kindly share them in the comments below! We at Tales of India love all things food and would be more than curious to learn or inculcate some cool eating habits from around the globe, although we are honestly still trying to master the art of using chopsticks accurately xD

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